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Day 1: July 13, 2020

  • Kiran Krishnan

    Kiran Krishnan

    Mitochondria-Gut Microbiome Axis


    What You'll Learn +

    • How the mitochondria impact health and energy
    • Connection between mitochondrial dysfunction and disease
    • Boost your mitochondria by improving your gut health

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  • Joseph Mercola, DO, FACN

    Joseph Mercola, DO, FACN

    Oxygen, Insulin Resistance, Fasting and More


    What You'll Learn +

    • Importance of fasting for optimal health and energy
    • Critical role of oxygen for healthy mitochondria
    • How to utilize ketones to increase your stamina

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  • Michael Murray, ND

    Michael Murray, ND

    7 Natural Keys to Wellness


    What You'll Learn +

    • Top vitamins and minerals for optimal immune function
    • Underlying factors that decrease immune function
    • 4 cornerstones of good health

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  • Magdalena Wszelaki

    Magdalena Wszelaki

    Estrogen Reset for Superhuman Energy


    What You'll Learn +

    • Top 9 foods for hormone balance
    • How estrogen dominance affects your health
    • Nutritional pyramid for hormone optimization

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  • Joan Rosenberg, PhD

    Joan Rosenberg, PhD

    Master Your Emotions for Superhuman Energy!


    What You'll Learn +

    • 8 emotions that create soulful depression
    • Overcome unpleasant emotional states in 90 seconds
    • How negative self-talk affects your health

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  • Eric Zielinski, DC

    Eric Zielinski, DC

    Essential Oils to Boost Energy


    What You'll Learn +

    • Understanding different oil properties
    • Best EOs for energy, mood and brain function
    • Safe and effective usage

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Day 2: July 14, 2020

  • Susan Peirce Thompson, PhD

    Susan Peirce Thompson, PhD

    Automating Healthy Eating Habits for Superhuman Energy


    What You'll Learn +

    • Developing new weight loss habits that stick
    • WHAT, WHEN and HOW to eat for maximized fat loss and energy levels
    • 3 principles for automating healthy eating habits

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  • Tom O'Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN

    Tom O'Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN

    Top Nutrition for Immune and Brain Health


    What You'll Learn +

    • How wheat and gluten affect immune health
    • Impact of toxins on your health
    • Foods and supplements for brain health

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  • Stephanie Estima, DC

    Stephanie Estima, DC

    Balance Your Hormones for Optimal Energy


    What You'll Learn +

    • Impact of stress 
    • Understanding your monthly cycle 
    • How to balance exercise, sleep and nutrition

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  • Warren Phillips, MS

    Warren Phillips, MS

    Why Detox is Key for Energy


    What You'll Learn +

    • Dangers of mercury toxicity
    • How true cellular detox can change your life
    • Link between autoimmune disease and environmental toxins

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  • Steve Wright

    Steve Wright

    3 Causes of Low Energy in Your Gut


    What You'll Learn +

    • Link between gut health and malabsorption 
    • 3 steps for overcoming gut dysfunction and boosting energy 
    • Best products for optimizing gut health  

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  • Trudy Scott, CN

    Trudy Scott, CN

    Improve Anxiety with Nutrition


    What You'll Learn +

    • How amino acids affect your mood and energy levels
    • Critical role of GABA and serotonin
    • Power of melatonin for superhuman energy

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  • Evan H. Hirsch, MD

    Evan H. Hirsch, MD

    5 Stealth Infections that Cause Fatigue


    What You'll Learn +

    • Most common causes of fatigue
    • What is a stealth infection?
    • Symptoms and solutions

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Day 3: July 15, 2020

  • Daniel Pompa, PScD

    Daniel Pompa, PScD

    Diet Variation For Health and Hormone Optimization


    What You'll Learn +

    • 4 problems with fasting no one is talking about
    • #1 fasting biohack for boosting energy levels
    • Importance of adaptation for optimal body function

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  • Critical Role of Community in Health and Energy


    What You'll Learn +

    • How socioeconomic factors impact health
    • Functional medicine is the future of healthcare
    • First steps to build community
  • Nick Polizzi

    Nick Polizzi

    3 Ancient Energy Hacks


    What You'll Learn +

    • 3 pillars of better health and energy
    • Power of tackling trauma
    • Why having a purpose is critical for energy and happiness

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  • Wendy Myers, FDN-P

    Wendy Myers, FDN-P

    Heavy Metals That Cause Fatigue


    What You'll Learn +

    • 7 toxic metals that affect your mitochondria
    • How to detox heavy metals 
    • Sources of toxin exposures

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  • Stephanie Gray, DNP, MS, ARNP, ANP-C, GNP-C, ABAAHP, FAARFM

    Stephanie Gray, DNP, MS, ARNP, ANP-C, GNP-C, ABAAHP, FAARFM

    3 Secrets for Optimizing Your Hormones


    What You'll Learn +

    • Strategies for balancing your hormones
    • Best testing methods 
    • Hormone replacement therapy safety

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  • Tracy Gapin, MD, FACS

    Tracy Gapin, MD, FACS

    Optimizing Men’s Health for Superhuman Energy


    What You'll Learn +

    • 3 factors for achieving optimal health
    • 6 foundational strategies
    • Tracking your biometrics

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Day 4: July 16, 2020

  • Michael Ruscio, DC

    Michael Ruscio, DC

    Starter Guide for Probiotics


    What You'll Learn +

    • 3 for Balance Probiotic Protocol
    • 8 health benefits 
    • Critical factors when choosing a brand of probiotics

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  • Jason Prall

    Jason Prall

    Psychospiritual Aspect of Longevity


    What You'll Learn +

    • Impact of childhood trauma
    • Change your physiology today
    • Critical role of connection in happiness and longevity

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  • Brian Vaszily

    Brian Vaszily

    Hidden Toxins in Your “Food”


    What You'll Learn +

    • Worst “foods” for your system
    • 9 chemical ingredients in body care products
    • Choosing the safest products

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  • Beth Greer

    Beth Greer

    3 Toxins to Eliminate from Your Home


    What You'll Learn +

    • How processed foods affect your health and mood
    • Eliminating the most common toxins in your home 
    • Impact of EMFs on your energy levels

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  • Pedram Shojai, OMD

    Pedram Shojai, OMD

    The Right Time to Change Your Health is NOW


    What You'll Learn +

    • Power of meditation, tai chi and QiGong 
    • Importance of listening to your body
    • Meditation exercise to calm your system

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  • Keesha Ewers, PhD, ARNP

    Keesha Ewers, PhD, ARNP

    How Trauma Affects Your Genes, Gut Health and Energy


    What You'll Learn +

    • Can childhood trauma affect your gut microbiome?
    • Link between adverse childhood events (ACEs) and disease
    • ABCs of energy optimization

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  • Jodi Cohen, NTP

    Jodi Cohen, NTP

    5 Essential Steps for Superhuman Energy


    What You'll Learn +

    • Role of the vagus nerve in health and energy
    • Why getting 7-9 hours of sleep is a top priority
    • How stress levels interfere with energy levels

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Day 5: July 17, 2020

  • David Friedman, ND, DC

    David Friedman, ND, DC

    Combating Life’s Energy Destroyers


    What You'll Learn +

    • 6 influences that drain energy
    • 2 coffee alternatives that support energy levels
    • 6 foods that elevate your vitality

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  • Tim Jackson, DPT, CNS(c)

    Tim Jackson, DPT, CNS(c)

    7 Ways to Optimize Your Immune System


    What You'll Learn +

    • Negative effects of mold and mycotoxins 
    • How toxins impact your microbiome
    • Best type of exercise for optimal energy levels

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  • Misty Williams

    Misty Williams

    Are Low Hormones Making You Tired?


    What You'll Learn +

    • How stress affects your health and energy
    • 7 hormone myths
    • 6 tips to lower stress, balance hormones and get superhuman energy

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  • Neil Paulvin, DO

    Neil Paulvin, DO

    Peptides and Biohacks for Superhuman Energy


    What You'll Learn +

    • Top 5 peptides for boosting energy
    • Combination strategies for maximum results
    • Using peptides safely

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  • Kirk Gair, DC, IDE

    Kirk Gair, DC, IDE

    Photobiomodulation for Superhuman Energy


    What You'll Learn +

    • Amazing effects on injuries (new and old)
    • Using lasers for thyroid disease and inflammation
    • Impact of laser therapy on brain trauma and function

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  • Jacob Teitelbaum, MD

    Jacob Teitelbaum, MD

    Double Your Energy with SHINE!


    What You'll Learn +

    • How modern-day living impacts your sleep
    • Critical role of hormones 
    • Amazing benefits of D-ribose on your energy levels

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  • Todd Watts, DC, PScD

    Todd Watts, DC, PScD

    Link Between Oxygen and Mitochondria


    What You'll Learn +

    • 3 primary functions of mitochondria
    • Impact of toxins 
    • Critical role of oxygen in energy production

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Day 6: July 18, 2020

  • Rajka Milanovic Galbraith, MD, IFMCP, ABFM, ABIHM

    Rajka Milanovic Galbraith, MD, IFMCP, ABFM, ABIHM

    Optimizing Nutrigenetics


    What You'll Learn +

    • Impact of lifestyle on gene expression
    • Actionable steps to eliminate inflammation
    • How hormone metabolism can affect your health

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  • Catherine Clinton, ND

    Catherine Clinton, ND

    Link Between Stress, Gut Microbiome and Energy


    What You'll Learn +

    • Impacts of frustration and appreciation on your heart rate
    • 5 things to avoid for optimal energy
    • 3 actions to lower stress levels

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  • Robyn Benson, DOM

    Robyn Benson, DOM

    5 Therapies for Superhuman Energy


    What You'll Learn +

    • 6 major effects of ozone on the human body
    • How prolozone helps heal tissues, ligaments and tendons
    • Using PEMF therapy for improved energy levels

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  • Daniel Kalish, DC

    Daniel Kalish, DC

    Optimizing Cellular Repair


    What You'll Learn +

    • Impact of toxicity 
    • 4 strategies for creating energy and burning fat
    • Why mitochondrial health is critical for superhuman energy

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  • Heather Aardema

    Heather Aardema

    “Less is More” Mindset for Superhuman Energy


    What You'll Learn +

    • 5 tips for a clutter-free life 
    • How clutter impacts your stress level and life choices
    • Uncover the different types of clutter

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  • Madiha Saeed, MD

    Madiha Saeed, MD

    Lower Inflammation for Superhuman Energy


    What You'll Learn +

    • How inflammation affects your health and energy
    • Powerful exercise for better health
    • 7 factors of inflammation

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  • Carol Garner-Houston, OTR/L

    Carol Garner-Houston, OTR/L

    Rewire Your Brain Out of Chronic Fatigue


    What You'll Learn +

    • Symptoms of a disorganized brain 
    • Polyvagal theory and how it affects your energy levels
    • 4 simple steps to turn on your energy

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Day 7: July 19, 2020

  • Datis Kharrazian, PhD, DHSc, DC, MS, MMSc, FACN

    Datis Kharrazian, PhD, DHSc, DC, MS, MMSc, FACN

    Top 5 Tips to Boost Your Brain


    What You'll Learn +

    • Key symptoms of brain fatigue 
    • Practicing new skills to strengthen your brain
    • How to self-assess your brain activity levels from home

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  • Ryan Wohlfert, DC, CCSP

    Ryan Wohlfert, DC, CCSP

    Upgrade Your Brain for Superhuman Energy


    What You'll Learn +

    • 6-pack for brain health 
    • Lifestyle factors that block energy and longevity
    • Truth about neurological disease

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  • Jay Davidson, DC, PScD

    Jay Davidson, DC, PScD

    How Radioactive Elements Affect Energy


    What You'll Learn +

    • Impact of naturally occurring radioactive elements 
    • Little known facts about water filters
    • How to remove toxins and radioactive elements from your body

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  • Gabrielle Lyon, DO

    Gabrielle Lyon, DO

    Optimizing Body Composition for Superhuman Energy


    What You'll Learn +

    • Metabolic advantage of protein
    • How muscle impacts overall health
    • Best sources of protein

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  • Maya Shetreat, MD

    Maya Shetreat, MD

    Indigenous Medicine for Energy


    What You'll Learn +

    • History of herbal medicine 
    • Power of spirituality
    • Connecting with your surroundings to boost energy

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  • Ben Lynch, ND

    Ben Lynch, ND

    How “Dirty Genes” Cause Fatigue


    What You'll Learn +

    • Most important genes for energy
    • How to support your “dirty genes” 
    • Dangers of gene testing

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